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  1. Hey Steve.
    I’m Brandon, I spoke to you on the phone when you were in Las Vegas about my ‘Eclipse Pipe’, your eclipse experience and an upcoming Victory Green Legendary I’ll be ordering soon.
    I just wanted to let you know how cool it was for me to speak with an artist I really respect.
    It really makes each pipe more personal to me, and it’s great to know a guy like you is creating them.
    Instead of tattoos, I get a Celebration Pipe to mark milestones in my life.
    Keep it up!

    1. Brandon

      Please order soon as this year’s collectio n are almost sold out. Call 805 610 2862 to secure your pipes.



  2. Aloha!

    Howsit 🤙🏾

    We are thinking about ordering a gold pipe for our tour manager, we are currently on the road with 311. I also work with sublime and Pepper (from big island!- and we coming to Oahu republik and I believe turtle bay 12/1 -12/2let me know if anyone would like to come!)

    We were curious about how long shipping would be on the 22k gold pipe and if we could plan on giving this gift celebration pipe to our tour he’e 🐙 before 11/4!

    Thanks for your time,


    Eric and 311

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