Taking Green to a Whole New Level


There are many ways to skin a cat and so too with cleaning your pipe. But shouldn’t there be a best way? A greener way? Well this was the mission. My pipes are tough but no match for some of the nasty chemicals floating around on shelves today. They were hurting the 22 Kt Gold finish and honestly not getting all the gunk. Not to mention if that’s doing it to my pipes what are those chemicals doing to my smokers?┬áSo I set out to find something that was gentle yet tough.

Through much research and testing this is it. There isn’t a single chemical present in the MSDS…ya, the list of ingredients that tells you what you’re exposing yourself to, try finding an off the shelf cleaner that offers that! This one is made out of all plant based amino acids, and we all like plants. They offer us well, a most natural way of doing things.

So being natural and green I tried it on many other things. Its excellent for cleaning hard and porous surfaces to keep things sanitized and even better its an excellent bug spray without the raunchy pesticides. To be honest I haven’t found much it cant do!

So while no cats were skinned in the making of this blog I do want to offer this, a green solution to resolve green problems. Keep your pipe Kleen, keep your plants Kleen, its a Kleen way to live life in the Green.

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