Welcome to Celebration Pipes

Welcome to the 44th Anniversary Edition of CELEBRATION PIPES … first created on Laie Point, Oahu, as stocking stuffers for Christmas 1973, then happily passed around the SUNSHINE Festival inside DIAMOND HEAD crater on New Years Day, 1974. Each LAVASTONEWARE piece is still handcrafted by DaPiper from our unique ceramic composite, textured with lava rocks, fired to over 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit, and then meticulously plated in either 22kt Gold, Platinum, Opal, Black Coral, Purple Haze, or our exotic Hanalei Blue finishes. Each pipe is encased in a velvet bag and presented in a custom gift box with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed and numbered.

In the spring of 1974, HIGH TIMES magazine came to be, and we were founding advertisers…many moons have passed and countless new friends have time tested each rock and roll hard, virtually unbreakable, CELEBRATION PIPE. Over the years, we have been honored to be commissioned to create pieces for AEROSMITH, ARLO GUTHRIE, B. REAL, BOB MARLEY & the WAILERS, CECILIO and KAPONO, CHEECH AND CHONG, DARYL HANNAH, HUGH HEFNER, FLEETWOOD MAC, JEFFERSON STARSHIP, JESSE COLIN YOUNG, KALAPANA, LOGGINS and MESSINA, KEITH STROUP, (founder of NORML), WAR, WILLY NELSON, WOODY HARRELSON, and the VOICEYOURSELF.com SOL TOUR crew, ZIGGY MARLEY.

Order up a “piece of paradise” and spread some love around…seems we need that now more than ever…Mahalonuiloa  




What is it?

Celebration Pipes™ are “NO KA OI”….the very best. Each pipe is handcrafted, signed, and fired to over 2,350 degrees Fahrenheit, and plated in 22kt. GOLD….the gold bowls reflect heat and completely burn whatever is inside of them….more “bang for the buck”. The base is made from LAVASTONEWARE tm, a unique compound created 39 years ago and hi tech in its heat ablating simplicity.

The U.S. Space Shuttle fleet used advanced lightweight ceramic composites to insulate and safeguard the vehicle. We use a Hawaiian version ceramic composite that forms the base of each Celebration Pipe ™ that helps dissipate heat and cool the burning bowl, resulting in a cool yet complete burn.

Each gold plated pipe is encased in a velvet handmade pouch for safe keeping as well as a custom presentation box for gift giving. We can do special orders for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion. See our “ORDERING SECTION” for complete details.

We were founding advertisers in the very first HIGH TIMES magazine in 1974 and created thousands of Celebration Pipes tm, until 1981, when many of the rules changed. It is now 2000 and Hawaii is the first State in the Union to authorize medicinal use of marijuana by the legislature and signed by the Governor this past June. For this reason, we feel it is again time for a CELEBRATION….join us and tell a friend…thru the internet we can treat you to a tour of our island home and share ALOHA with you and yours around the planet.

Check out our “History” section for some background on folks who have received our Celebration Pipes™, in years past….welcome to our OHANA, our family.

Mahalo i’a oe
Da Piper